Please Note.. We do not do ‘while you wait’ work.

Supply and installs of New equipment

We can supply replacement radio systems for your vehicle, we also provide replacement speakers. We keep a stock of the most common sizes.

MAS Audio is also a specialist in Japanese Imported vehicles, Most have unusual speaker fittings and headunits, and also won’t pick up the full UK radio bands.. So we offer a full upgrade service and custom installations to these vehicles.

All installations are carried out at our premises, and must be booked in advance.

Already bought your own radio?

Install only service

<< Now available!  Please check terms below..>>

We also provide installations for equipment that you may have already purchased new, or that has been professionally removed from your old vehicle.

We don’t offer installation of door speakers or subwoofers, amplifiers that are not sold by MAS Audio, Installs of any other equipment is “as is” No Warranty or support whatsoever.. 

Repairs & Radio Issues

Repairs at MAS Audio… unfortunately due to the lack of components availability, a lot of older equipment is not able to be repaired, anything over 10 years old, or CD players/Changers are no longer repaired.

Most repairs will take more than 1 day, due to parts ordering etc so we operate much the same as any automotive garage, book in leave the car with us. We do not offer any while you wait repairs, diagnostics can be done while you are in the area, or at the nearby cafe etc.

XC90 and other Volvo models, Infotainment systems including ICM repairs, is now at an end, the cars and the electronics are reaching end of life, and parts are so difficult to find now.  We can bypass and replace the old equipment with a complete upgrade/replacement to aftermarket. (subject to model)

BMW/Range Rover Audio amplifier repair and upgrade.. BM54 Repair/upgrade kit.. 1 left in stock.. £169.00 Fixed Price repair & upgrade to higher power amplifier, Fixes no sound or some speakers not working or intermittent.

BMW Mini – Mini Boost CD in black, with buttons not working, not turning on. This repair will continue to be carried out, and parts are in stock, As well as a repair we modify the unit so it will not fail again in future with buttons issues. This comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the repair! We have 2 levels of repair and pricing.. (Updated 10/03/23)

  1. Car brought to us and completed same day, replace PCB £300.00
  2. car radio already removed? brought in or sent in by post £175.00

Radio Decoding

We are able to provide Decoding to various OEM radios, or VIN code radios to cars.

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